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July 7, 2010

Where do I get it from, I wonder?

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As language fans, we are cursed. Even when we are not at work, we can’t turn off that inbuilt spellcheck. Menus, signs, emails from friends, texts, newspapers, magazines… they all get passed through the filter to some extent. It doesn’t tend to annoy me, particularly. Off-duty, I’m reasonably good at ignoring it – or, if it’s a good ‘un, finding it funny. However, I know it annoys some people greatly.

Take my mother, for example. Last week she went to the gym and found that the poorly written sign below had been stuck to every cross-trainer. So what did she do? Smile smugly and ignore it? Have a giggle to herself? Forget about it? Or frantically scrabble at it with her fingernails, trying to peel it off because she couldn’t stand the sight of it?

In answer, may I present to you the picture that arrived in my inbox today. It doesn’t appear to be attached to a cross-trainer any more…


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  1. To be fair, I wasn’t responsible for actually removing the annoying notice from the machine, although not for the want of trying, but how it got into my possession is a mystery ….

    I must confess to looking for a pen to make appropriate alterations – however, there appear to be a disconcerting lack of such items in a gym for some reason. It also occurred to me that I may have drawn considerable attention to myself if I persisted along this line as every machine had a notice stuck on with infuriatingly sticky double sided tape. I solved the conundrum, temporarily at least, by taking myself off to another, less offensive, area of the gym where men grunt, sweat, pose in front of the mirror and sit for inordinate lengths of time on various machines doing nothing whatsoever but who never read the signs …

    Comment by Stefmez — July 7, 2010 @ 9:45 pm | Reply

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