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February 9, 2011

30,000 pigs

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What’s that you say? Thirty thousand pigs? No… thirty sows and pigs!

Love it. It’s a correction from Monday’s issue of Australia’s Morning Bulletin newspaper.


November 5, 2010

Ructions in hyperspace

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It is often said that geekiness and sub-editing go together. Why, just yesterday, my current boss revealed an entirely wholesome appreciation of Victorian taxidermy. I’m not joking (although I thought he was, for a good couple of minutes longer than it was polite to do so).

So it’s perfectly fitting that my fellow sub-editor Vinnie B should grace my inbox with a Star Trek story this morning.

It seems News.com.au reviewed the book opposite, in an article called Haynes offers Star Trek fans chance to get inside the Enterprise engine room. Unfortunately, there were several fundamental errors in the article, which prompted a furious backlash from some fans.

I quote here from a thoughtful contribution by Your Mum’s Lunch. (Lovely.)

OMG, could this article be any more wrong. The Enterprise-E did not replace Kirks enterprise. The excelsior class Enterprise-B replaced kirks ship after Kirks ship was lost at the Genesis plant at the hands of the klingons. Upon their return to McKinley station after travelling back in time to get some whales, Kirk and crew were handed command of the enterprise-A, a constitution refit.

That’s only a snippet – you can read more here, if that’s your kinda thing. But I must include his conclusion to the comment: “This article wreaks of failure.” Oh, it does, it does.

The best bit, however, is News.com.au’s correction, An apology to every Star Trek fan ever (that’s the name of the internal link,  incidentally, which I think is much better than the actual headline).

A little flavour for you, but I do recommend a visit to read the whole thing:

There was no intention whatsoever to suggest Captain Kirk may have commanded the Galaxy Class Starships Enterprise-D and Enterprise-E.

Any damage to the Star Trek brand incurred by the use of the term “hyperspace” is regretful.

No malice was intended and a correction to the original article will be made.

We also agree that Patrick Stewart is a handsome man, a sentiment expressed by several readers.

Addendum – We’re also sorry for any errors in this apology.

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