Rantings of a sub-editor

March 11, 2011

Running in the family

Filed under: fatal deaths,oops! — substuff @ 3:03 pm
Proof that loserdom is rife in the Relf/Mezulis clan. An email from my stepfather:
this amused me…
It contains these sentences…
Someone leaps off the bridge an average of once every two weeks – last year, 32 people died. About 98% of those plunges prove fatal and authorities rule most of the deaths to be suicides.
only 98% of those who died were fatal!
Primed as I was for finding mistakes, the first time I read this I also pictured one individual who persistently jumps off the bridge once every week or two. Then climbs up, goes home, does it again a fortnight later. I think I was imagining that one, though, to be fair.

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